Kaanaanmaa not only have a passion and skill for making jewellery but we are proud to see it being loved by our customers well into the future, and have a wealth of experience in designing and creating unique pieces that will be cherished forever.

We design and create bespoke jewellery, and make unique pieces either for you or a loved one as a gift for a special occasion.



Specialists in the repair of Jewellery

In our onsite workshop, Kaanaanmaa carry out high quality Jewellery repairs from a simple chain repair or ring sizing, to a total ring remounting. Owners Gary & Stephen and their workshop team has over 80 years of experience in Jewellery repairs and alterations.

Using a combination of traditional skills and techniques, alongside the latest Laser technology, will bring your Jewellery back to its former glory.

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In the last few years, we’ve noticed recycling older or unworn jewellery is becoming more and more popular. This is often for environmental, sentimental and economic reasons.  Many people have a box full of rings, chains or jewellery that they have collected or inherited, often the wrong size, in need of repair or not to their particular taste.
We can melt down most examples of old jewellery and rework it into something new and unique, adding more precious metal if required and sometimes using your gemstones. We can of course source new ones. Using this technique we can create many items of jewellery, from rings and bangles to pendants and brooches all the while keeping an emotional connection to the past.

Jewellery Collection

We have an extensive range of jewellery in our catalogue which you can view and purchase online. The catalogue is split into categories such as Rings, necklaces, Wedding Rings.

Having dedicated his life to making wonderfully fine jewellery Stephen joined the Kaanaanmaa team in 1990, at the tender age of 16, and bought the company with his friend and business partner, Gary in 2001. Stephen loves nothing more than creating in Kaanaanmaa’s onsite workshop. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Stephen’s work is that each day brings a new challenge.

Passionate about all aspects of Kaanaanmaa’s business Gary has creativity running through his veins and a superb eye for technical detail. Like Stephen, Gary studied at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art and Design in London and he enjoyed an early career as Kaanaanmaa’s store manager before buying the company with Stephen in 2001. Gary is a dedicated craftsman to the art of making and maintaining fine jewellery.

A trained goldsmith with extensive experience, Louise manages a large proportion of the day to day operational responsibilities for Kaanaanmaa to ensure the continued smooth running of the business.
Since joining Kaanaanmaa in 2014 Louise has continued to refine and hone her jewellery making skills in the Kaanaanmaa workshop and has recently completed her studies with the National Association of Jewellers, passing all exams with distinction.
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Whether it be to add to your collection, that firstspecial pendant or the restoration of a much lovedheirloom we are here to help.
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