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0118 979 0435

At Kaanaanmaa we want you to be able to have your wedding rings the way you want them.
Whether this means designing your bands from scratch, adjusting existing designs to suit you or even just a classic band we will work with you to find your perfect match.
There are so many different choices from the profile of your band, to different stone settings or applied patterns, we carry hundreds of models for you to try on and play with.
Here is just a brief overview of some of the options:

Ring profiles.
The profile of the ring is the shape you would see if the ring was cut in half, the profile of a ring can impact on how comfortable your ring is to wear. To explore the different profiles available please click on the image.

Ring Profiles

Diamonds can be added to almost any band. Either singularly or grouped to cover more of the ring to your preference. There are a few different types of setting that can be used, to explore these please click on the image:


Diamond cut Patterns.
Precision diamond cut patterns can be applied to any plain ring profile, giving you a huge range of options.
Utilising high tech machinery, a spinning diamond tipped tool patterns the plain band giving a bright cut pattern. To view the patterns available please click the image.

Diamond Cut Patterns

Laser cut Patterns.
Precision laser cut patterns can be applied to any plain ring profile, giving you a huge range of options including custom patterns such as handwriting or fingerprints.
The laser enables a very precise cut, deep enough to stand the test of time and with clean sharp lines.
To explore some of the laser cut options please click on the image:

Laser Cut Patterns

4 grey Line

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