Reusing Your Own

Many of us have valuable and often sentimental or jewellery that we just don’t wear. Whether your existing gold and gemstones are from an inheritance or your own jewellery that just isn’t right for your taste now, Kaanaanmaa will revitalise any old items by remodelling them into a new, stunning piece of jewellery.

Working with you, our skilled goldsmiths can assess your existing jewellery to design and create your own new bespoke ring, pendant, bangle, brooch or earrings.Alternatively, depending on how much jewellery you have to work with, a you could design a brand new set of matching or complimentary pieces.

In your design consultation, we will take you through each step of the design and crafting process to create your new unique pieces tailored just to your specifications and budget. Using traditional hand illustrations or, for some designs, Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, realistic drawings of how the finished item(s) will look will be shown and discussed with you. We will then be able to give you an accurate quotation based on your design. Once designs are agreed, your unique jewellery will be with you from as little as four to six weeks.

For inspiration, why not check out our Made by Kaanaanmaa page or our Bespoke Gallery to see some of our previous work

Visit Kaanaanmaa today to discuss your ideas, or ring us on 0118 979 0435 to make an appointment with one of our goldsmiths.

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Everything we do at Kaanaanmaa comes with our commitment to the highest standards, quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy peace of mind with the Kaanaanmaa Customer Care Promise – which includes:

 Free annual shining service: in our onsite workshop we will professionally assess the condition of your jewellery, ensuring there is no adverse wear and tear and that all stones are secure in their settings. Your item(s) will then be polished and cleaned to ensure that it sparkles just as much as it did on the day you bought it home.

 Valuations: insurance companies often require that jewellery over a specified amount has a formal valuation. Kaanaanmaa is happy to provide a complimentary valuation with your new treasure and to offer a further 50% discount off subsequent reappraisals, typically required by insurance companies every three years. Thus providing you with peace of mind.