Kaanaanmaa recommended Wokingham berkshire jewellers Rings
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Kaanaanmaa design and make our own range of unique Sterling silver rings in our onsite workshop. Some of our selection is shown on the website; please visit the shop to see our full range. Kaanaanmaa are also stockists of beautiful silver rings designed and crafted by Linda MacDonald.

  • Ruby ring
  • Silver angels hair mop ring jayce wong
  • Silver rutlated quartz  ring jayce wong
  • Double Disc Ring
  • Multi Disc Ring
  • Silver Onyx signet ring
  • Silver mother-of-Pearl signet ring
  • Silver signet ring
  • Silver diamond set moon ring
  • Silver diamond set  signet ring moon ring
  • Silver Floral Forget me not Ring
  •  Silver handmade concave disc ring
  • Silver handmade curved disc topped ring
  • Wee Pods  Ring RPOD1
  • Entwined - Ring RSCBT
  • Silver heart charm Ring
  • With Love - Ring RHW
  • Silver chalcedony ring jayce wong
  • Silver rutilated quartz oval ring jayce wong
  • silver gelato orange cirtine ring
  • silver angel wing cz ring
  • WR151 silver X ring cz
  • WR202 silver bar top ring cz
  • WR221 silver cushion sapphire ring cz
  • WR236 silver 3 set hexagon ring cz
  • WR239 silver 3 set band ring cz
  • WR194 emerald cluster CZ ring

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