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0118 979 0435

It doesn’t matter if you are proposing or being proposed to, becoming engaged is one of the most special and memorable events of your life. Wearing and showing off your new engagement ring is often the first wow moment of your new life together.

20PX gold crown

When you buy your engagement ring at Kaanaanmaa we give it extra wow factor by offering:

gold crown Our Free Annual Shining Service: in our onsite workshop we will professionally assess the condition of the piece, ensuring there is no adverse wear and tear and that all stones are secure in their settings. Your jewellery will then be polished and cleaned to ensure that it sparkles just as much as it did on the day you bought it.

gold crown Valuations: insurance companies often require that jewellery over a specified amount has a formal valuation. Kaanaanmaa gives you a complimentary valuation and a 50% discount off subsequent reappraisals, typically required by insurance companies every three years. Thus providing you with peace of mind.

gold crown Wedding Ring Discount: when you buy your wedding rings at Kaanaanmaa you will receive a 10% discount (applicable to all gold and platinum rings).

Please note: if you also buy your wedding rings at Kaanaanmaa you will also receive the Kaanaanmaa Confetti Proposal which complements this offer.
The Confetti Proposal also includes a free annual shining service, free valuation (and further discounted valuations) for your wedding rings, together with an at home ring selection service, free engraving service, a free ring pouch for the Best Man, and a 10% discount on eternity rings.

20PX gold crown



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