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Linda MacDonald Jewellery

The Linda Macdonald jewellery collections. Inspired by the delicate detail in nature, Linda is now recognized for her unique handmade jewellery with beautiful floral patterns in silver with a hint of gold.

  • Silver Floral Forget me not Ring
  • Wee Pods  Ring RPOD1
  • Entwined - Ring RSCBT
  • Rose Garden - Stud Earrings SRGG
  • Silver heart charm Ring
  • With Love - Ring RHW
  • Petite - Stud Earrings
  • Stripey Bird Drop Earrings
  • Wee Pods  Stud Earrings SPOD1
  • Rose Garden - Stud Earrings SRG
  • Silver  and 9ct gold flower stud earrings
  • Silver and 9ct gold heart stud earrings
  • Silver bobble circle stud earrings
  • Silver and 9ct hare moon hook earrings
  • Silver and 9ct entwined flower stud earrings
  • Vintage Romance - Stud Earrings SVR7
  • Reflections - Stud Earrings SREFG
  • Lucky Penny - Stud Earrings SPENF
  • Scribbles - Bangle
  • Linda Macdonald entwined silver butterfly bangle
  • Hearts & Flowers - Bangle BHF
  • Spots and Stripes - Bangle BHB
  • Linda Macdonald lucky penny hare coin silver 9ct gold
  • Silver and 9ct moondance heart necklace pendant
  • Silver petite heart necklace pendant
  • Silver moondance circle flower necklace pendant
  • Enchanted - Necklace EFNFB
  • Silver and 9ct moondance hare necklace pendant
  • Vintage Romance - Necklace EVR3
  • Vintage Romance - Necklace EVR7
  • Lucky Penny - Necklace EPFF
  • Entwined - Necklace EFORG
  • Silver enchanted butterfly heart necklace pendant
  • Linda Macdonald stripey bird silver 9ct gold pendant necklace

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